Our Story

Behind the family business Jolly Designs is me, Nishtha Jolly. I was born and raised in New DelhiIndia. From there I moved to Germany in 2011. I now live in the beautiful state of Hesse with my husband Naman and our children Naomika and Nevaan, who were both born in Germany.


I have a Bachelor in Mathematics (Honours) from the University of Delhi, India. After the birth of my children, I started my studies at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt a.M., from which I graduated with a Master's degree in Finance (M.Sc.).

When Nevaan was three years old, he was diagnosed with a speech development disorder and we started a series of therapies. To support him, I started looking for appropriate educational toys. While in close contact with therapists, I came across Quiet Books and was completely amazed at how the books improved our son's imagination, concentration and language in a fun way. Not only the - our then five-year-old daughter could spend hours playing with these books. I soon discovered that Quiet Books were incredibly well received by other children as well, and not just because of the many employment opportunities each book provides.

I come from a business family and ran a family business myself for over ten years before coming to Germany. Both gave me the foundation to understand the basics of a business model with handmade products. That's how Jolly Designs became a start-up based in Königstein im Taunus, Germany. 2017 was brought to life.

Unlike the majority of toys available on the market, Jolly Designs Quiet Books are made exclusively by hand with attention to detail and a lot of care. You can see and feel that.