Become an Affiliate Partner

All you need is contact with people who are interested in sustainable toys and motor skills. It doesn't matter if the contact is online as an influencer/blogger with your own website/social media channels or offline as an obstetrician/physiotherapist/ergotherapist/midwife or similar.

Of course, you will not go away empty-handed, because a fair relationship with all our partners is important to us. That's why you will be compensated for your efforts and receive a commission based on the sale value.

  • i.e., A purchase between €5 to €100, you get 7.5% as commission
  • A purchase between €100 to €180, you get 10% as commission
  • A purchase above €180 you get 12.5% as commission.

More information and the possibility to register is available by clicking on the button. 


How can I become a Jolly Designs affiliate?

  1. Click on the button "To the affiliate:in program" and apply for our program.
  2. Create a publisher account at Awin, if you don't have one yet. The registration fee is 5 €
  3. We will review your application and accept it as soon as possible.
Are there any requirements for affiliates?
  • You have a publisher account on the affiliate platform Awin
  • You have online or offline contact to potential customers of Jolly Designs
  • Your fans, followers or customers are interested in children and sustainable toys.
  • You want to report about us and our products
How does the affiliate program for online affiliates work?
  1. You create content about Jolly Designs on your channels and link to our online store with the help of an individual tracking link from Awin.
  2. Your followers or fans accept the cookies on our website and buy from us either through the link or with the coupon code.
  3. With the help of the link or voucher we can assign purchases in our store and pay you a commission as mentioned above
  4. With the help of Awin we can assign the purchases to you via your individual discount code or tracking link and pay you a commission, provided that the customers have not returned their order.