Frequently Asked Questions

Quiet Books are interactive, child-centered, educational books that provide numerous opportunities for imaginative engagement and independent learning.

From simple activities like animal memory, matching colors and shapes, playing with finger puppets, to multiplication tables and reading the clock, our Quiet Books enhance your child's cognitive, motor and social development depending on their age and interests. They are also known as quiet books, interactive books, engaging books, fabric books, activity books, sensory books, motor books or tactile books.

Quiet Books allow a child to practice and learn a variety of skills, such as fine motor skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, order comprehension, as well as logical thinking.

They are intuitive and therefore require a minimum of explanation.

The child's creativity and imagination are stimulated by colors and contrasts - without any sound effects, which are often found in conventional toys.

They can be used in a variety of ways, stimulate the imagination and encourage role-playing. They fit in any handbag, are quickly packed, stowed away and easy to carry. They are a savior in any situation - especially when your child needs to be quietly and meaningfully occupied. Such situations range from doctor's visits to long car rides, flights or just for home.

For Christmas or birthdays, they make imaginative and special gifts.

We have divided our books into age groups from six months to six years. Each age group has different categories to match the book to your child's individual needs and interests. You can filter by zero to three or three to six.

Every child is different and has different needs - we still recommend that you consider categories and age levels that may not, at first glance, fit your child age-wise. For each of our Quiet Books, there is a video on the respective product page that shows the entire content and the many possibilities that the Quiet Book offers. Under each product you will also find our age recommendation.

A complete age overview of all our Quiet Books can be found here

We offer Quiet Books for different age groups. Our assortment ranges from newborns (from 0) to preschoolers (up to 6 years).

For newborns, for example, we offer our Black and White booklet This especially promotes the light-dark contrast recognition. This not only improves haptics, but also stimulates and encourages brain activity.

From the age of three months, Quiet Books can be discovered and felt, e.g. in the prone position. Here our Happy Sheep Quiet Book offers the perfect mix for feeling and experiencing different textures.

For a 1-year birthday, our Happy Bearsday Quiet Book offers the perfect birthday gift. This not only celebrates the birthday, but also encourages fine motor skills, dexterity, color recognition, eye-hand coordination, matching and number sense through various activities.

For 2-3 year olds, we offer Quiet Books for targeted promotion of role play and other motor activities. Suitable books include Little Pilot or Dream Job

Our Quiet Books ABC and 1,2,3 are a great preparation for the start of school with their focus on learning letters, numbers and arithmetic.

However, we would like to emphasize here that every child is different and has different needs - so we recommend choosing Quiet Books based more on the child's interests.

We use all kinds of fabrics such as Velcro, buttons, fasteners and beads of various kinds as well. The fabric of the books is felt and cotton. All of them are of course tested and recommended for use with children and toddlers.

The Quiet Books can be washed. You can find detailed instructions on how to care for our Quiet Books here:

We would like to emphasize that our Quiet Books are sustainable. This is because Jolly Designs implements sustainability throughout the entire production and ordering process:

For example, we use sustainable materials in our Quiet Books because the fabric used in the book is biodegradable and the metal parts used are recyclable. Therefore, all of our Quiet Books are almost 100% Oeko-Tex certified (with the exception of the string/cord used in Quiet Books). However, we are actively working at the moment to find a sustainable alternative for the string/cord to certify the product 100% Oeko-Tex. This would make Jolly Designs the first manufacturer in the world to produce Oeko-Tex certified Quiet Books.

In addition, when manufacturing Quiet Books in our own production facility in India, we focus on fairness. Therefore, our seamstresses receive vacation, sick pay and maternity leave. They are also entitled to paid leave for religious and community celebrations. We treat them with great respect, because a good working atmosphere is a prerequisite for a long-term cooperation. Here you can find an insight into our production To prove the mentioned production and working conditions in the production, the production is regularly audited with the ETI SEDEX certificate, which checks the working conditions (no child labor, fair payment, health & safety, environment & business ethics).

In addition to the product, we also make the shipping of the goods sustainable by completely eliminating plastic packaging when shipping from India. Our production department ships the Quiet Books in cloth bags only and cloth bags are the way the end customer receives them. Thus our packaging is environmentally friendly. In addition, the end customer receives his delivery via DHL Go Green. This reduces the ecological footprint.

In summary, this means that we implement the topic of sustainability throughout our entire value chain and are constantly in the process of integrating the topic even more.

We offer our Quiet Books in our online store and on Etsy

You can also find our Quiet Books in various German, Austrian and Swiss children's stores and online stores. You can find all our retailers in our Store Locator.

You are welcome to visit us in our office & warehouse in Oberursel and admire our Quiet Books on site. Please send us an email to when you would like to visit us.

Alternatively you can discover and experience our Quiet Books live at our dealers. Here you can find our dealers in your area Store Locator.

Yes, the Quiet Books can be personalized with the child's name. For this we embroider or plot the closing band of the Quiet Book with the name of the child. For the embroidery of the name only names with a length of 7 letters are possible. The personalization function can be found on the individual product pages. If the function is currently not available, please send us an email with the name request.

We also offer vouchers, which you can find and order via the menu Voucher. As soon as you have bought a voucher, we will send you the voucher code by e-mail.

Currently it is not possible and not planned to combine the books individually - but we are very happy about your feedback and take your suggestions and wishes very seriously.

Depending on the setting of the screen, the colors may vary. Also, depending on material availability (e.g. buttons or front/back fabric), the color of the material may differ, but this does not affect the function of the Quiet Book or the overall look.

Please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your written inquiries. We take enough time for each customer and each request.

After the order is received, the goods usually leave our warehouse between 24 and 48h. If the order confirmation for Quiet Books states a different availability or delivery date, the entire order will not be shipped until the specified date.

We ship internationally. We are currently in talks to offer the Quiet Books in stores all over Europe. We will keep you updated with our store locator.

Currently the videos are available in English, German and Italian - more languages will follow soon.

We will be happy to send you replacement parts. Please fill out the following form and send it to us. Then we can send you the requested spare parts free of charge.

We include a cloth bag with every order, in which you can store the book. This way the book is safely stored and can be taken anywhere.

Please email us at along with your order number, any updated product details you would like, and complete shipping information. If your order has not shipped yet, we will be happy to change it.

Please email us at with your order number. If your order has not been shipped yet, we can cancel your order immediately. If it is already on its way to you, please follow our return form.

In the case of sold out books, it may be that we are either waiting for a new delivery or that the book has recently been taken out of stock. Therefore, we ask that you email us at

We do not offer a gift service. I.e. the Quiet Book will not be gift wrapped. However, we do include a colored bag in each package and a gift card with a personal message if desired. Please include the personal message in your order.

The price comes about because each book is handmade, piece by piece - e.g. every seam, every piece is sewn individually. The books undergo strict quality controls to be safe for little hands. They are timeless, durable, high quality and stand up to years of intense play. Their value remains consistent. The books are extremely time consuming and complicated in the manufacturing process.

You are welcome to visit us in our office & warehouse in Oberursel and buy our Quiet Books on site. Please send us an email at when you would like to visit us.

Please return the Quiet Book including the return form to the following address:

Jolly Designs Ltd.

Hans-Mess-Strasse 3

61440 Oberursel


As soon as the package reaches us, we will refund the amount for the Quiet Book.

Yes, we deliver to Switzerland. When ordering, simply select Switzerland as the country of delivery, then you can enter your data. Alternatively, the following Swiss online stores also deliver:

Via our Etsy store

Via our distribution partner Poppina

The confirmation email often cannot be sent if an incorrect email address was entered when placing the order. Please check that your email address is correct.

We will gladly exchange your unused Quiet Book for another Quiet Book. Please send us an email for further processing to