We want to introduce you to the great organic baby food and children's snack brand Pumpkin Organics , whose product philosophy and founding story simply touched us. We were recently able to get to know the founder and mom Jaclyn Schnau in person. She founded the company in 2016 because she believed that change was finally needed in the baby aisle.

Jaclyn actively engaged with parents in 2016, asking what they really care about when it comes to feeding their children. The answers were clear: Parents want their children to consume less sweets and sugar, eat more healthy vegetables and get to know a variety of ingredients from the start so as not to become picky eaters. At the same time, everything should be produced as sustainably as possible. However, Jaclyn quickly realized that this did not match what was found on the baby shelf.

So, after many years in the food industry, she decided to tackle this problem and become a partner to these parents. And so the first Pumpkin Organics product was actually created in her kitchen, where she worked on the first product formulations with lots of vegetables and a lot of patience.

Pumpkin Organics was born and has stood for: never added sugar, extra low fructose (40% less than other brands), no empty calories, but high-fiber recipes and lots of vegetables instead of just sweet fruit. Hence their slogan: “ The one with the vegetables ”!

But she didn't stop there: Our children are our future. That's why Jaclyn wanted to make sure that Pumpkin Organics was at the forefront of sustainability. They are the second company to offer recyclable squeeze bags and the first baby food company to be certified as 100% climate neutral.

We teach children to love, to dance, to learn to speak, but not how to eat healthily. But we can, especially in the first 1000 days of life, which begin during pregnancy. Because during this time, taste can be shaped and learned. That's why it's so important to start here and that's exactly what Pumpkin Organics wants and supports you parents from the start of complementary foods.

Because she has two children at home and nothing is more important to her than that they grow up healthy and happy. And this is where nutrition plays a very crucial role.

We stand behind Pumpkin Organics because they believe in the importance of eating together as a family at the table, and at the same time Jaclyn has created a solution that helps us parents provide our children with snacks on the go without feeling guilty. Unfortunately, it's difficult to pack broccoli for a visit to the playground, so their unique squeezes with up to 70% vegetables are a really great alternative! Vegetables-to-go, so to speak. Today, her organic vegetable portfolio consists of delicious snacks from 6 months: crispy puffs, vegetable squeezes, oat bars, pasta sauces, baking mixes, cereal porridge and much more.

This is what makes their products so special:

  • We have developed exciting and colorful flavor combinations from lots of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli or beetroot and some fruit - great for the little ones' taste development
  • Lower fructose content thanks to lots of vegetables and valuable fiber
  • Recipes always have no added sugar, so that the children learn that not everything delicious has to be sugary

We support their philosophy because, like us, they support the idea that children can develop healthy eating habits and that a low-sugar diet is essential.

And guess what? Pumpkin Organics has warmly invited us to be part of their wonderful Christmas campaign and they have launched an amazing competition on their Instagram. Take part and have the chance to try the delicious, colorful vegetable snacks - who knows, maybe you'll have a delicious surprise soon!

Be there and join in now!

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