Vögel und Insekten

Birds and insects are fascinating creatures that can teach children about nature, biology, and the environment. Toys with a bird or insect theme can help children learn about different species, their habitats, behaviors, and life cycles. By playing with bird and insect toys, children become aware of the importance of nature conservation and the role of these creatures in our ecosystem. This knowledge can foster a sense of responsibility and empathy towards the environment from a young age.


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Kleine Biene - Mini Quiet BookKleine Biene - Mini Quiet Book
Kleine Biene
Angebot€44,99 EUR
Pastell junge Eule – 6 Seiten Quiet BookPastell junge Eule – 6 Seiten Quiet Book
Pastell Junge Eule
Angebot€89,99 EUR
Bunte Raupe – 6 Seiten Quiet BookBunte Raupe – 6 Seiten Quiet Book
Bunte Raupe
Angebot€89,99 EUR
coole eule wandteppich wanddeko - jolly designs.coole eule wandteppich wanddeko - jolly designs.
Coole Eule
Angebot€24,99 EUR
Biene & Schmetterling Activity AuflageBiene & Schmetterling Activity Auflage
Eule - Aufbewahrungsbox (rund)Eule - Aufbewahrungsbox (rund)
Angebot€29,99 EUR
Tukan - Aufbewahrungsbox (rund)Tukan - Aufbewahrungsbox (rund)
Angebot€29,99 EUR
bunter vogel wandteppich wanddeko - jolly designsbunter vogel wandteppich wanddeko - jolly designs
Bunter Vogel
Angebot€24,99 EUR